Monday, June 11, 2018

LUS employee suspected of stalking playground is fired

Lawrenceburg Now

Officials report that a utility worker employed locally has been fired after he was arrested for stalking persons on a school playground last month.

Teachers at Ingram Sowell Elementary School noticed that a Lawrenceburg Utility Systems (LUS) truck was parked near the school an excessive amount of times, and reported the matter to school administrators and the School Resource Officer (SRO).

They discussed the matter with LUS officials and were told that they used a tracking system for their vehicles. Officials told them if the truck returned, to try to get the identification number off of it so that they could track it.

In early May, teachers noticed that the truck was parked nearby once again. The SRO drove to the spot where the truck was parked, stopped and walked up to the driver. He reported that the man was using binoculars and that it appeared that he was watching people on the playground.

He was warned verbally to leave and not come back any time there were people on the playground. A week later teachers noticed the truck again. At that point the driver was arrested.

The LUS employee, identified as James A. Stacey, Jr., age 43, of Pulaski, was booked at the Lawrence County Jail on a stalking charge. He was later released on a $10,000 bond.

On Monday LUS officials said that due to the evidence that was collected against him, Stacey's employment was terminated because he had exhibited conduct unbecoming of an LUS employee.

Stacey has been scheduled a General Sessions court date of June 26th.




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