Sunday, June 10, 2018

Recent thefts under investigation

Lawrenceburg Now

Officers with the Lawrenceburg Police Department have opened investigations into a number of recent theft incidents.

Last week, a local man reported to police officers that someone had stolen his utility trailer from a Seventh Street property. The trailer, described as black, 6’x10’ with a wooden floor, was loaded with an electric wench and a diamond plate tool box. Altogether, he estimated his loss at $1,150.

A Brink Street resident reported a loss of $270 in relation to a stolen battery and charger for his Hover ‘Round. He reported to police officers that he had used it while he was at a market a few days before and accidentally left it there. He returned to pick it up and learned that it was missing.

Police are investigating the theft of a light green Mongoose trick bicycle that was stolen from outside of a Prosser Road home. The bicycle was valued at $150. They were also asked by a Fifth Street resident to look into the theft of a wallet.

The owner reported that he had laid the wallet on his nightstand the previous night, but that it was not there when he awoke. He told officers that someone had apparently entered his home while he slept. Loss was reported to be $40.

In another incident, the victim reported that after spending time with an acquaintance from Antioch she discovered that someone had unzipped her wallet and stole her debit card. When she called to cancel the card, bank officials informed her that someone was trying at that time to use her card at a gas station in Ethridge. She was able to cancel the card before the transaction went through.




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