Sunday, June 10, 2018

Group robs and assaults man on bicycle

Lawrenceburg Now

A man who sought medical attention Wednesday reported to law enforcement officials that he had been assaulted by a group of people while riding his bicycle.

Lawrenceburg Police officers were called to the emergency room at Southern Tennessee Regional Health Systems to speak with the assault victim. Reports show that he had injuries to his face and neck and was unable to give officers exact details of his assault.

The victim was able to report that, while riding his bicycle he stopped at North End Market on Mahr Avenue. When he left he rode his bike into the alley behind the market where he encountered a blue truck with chrome trim.

He said that the driver stopped, and he and three other people got out of the truck. They began hitting and kicking the victim, took his wallet, then left him in the alley. He said his wallet contained $100 cash.

The victim was able to provide officers with the name of the driver. The case remains under investigation at the current time.




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