Sunday, June 10, 2018

Burglars target several homes locally

Lawrenceburg Now

Burglars targeted several local homes recently, prompting investigations to be opened through the Lawrenceburg Police Department.

In one incident, the victim reported that her husband had been hospitalized for an extended period of time and that she had been spending a lot of time in Columbia. She said she returned to her home to find the back door standing open and quickly called 911.

She told officers it looked as if the burglars had rummaged through every room. Several items were missing including a TV, Play Station and Xbox gaming systems, come games, two tablets, and $600 that was kept in a lock box. Total loss was approximately $1,500.

The owner of a Frances Street property reported a $3,259 loss that resulted from a burglary. He told officers that he was in the process of remodeling the home, and that someone had stolen several items. All of his power tools were missing along with various hand tools and accessories, an air compressor, 32” TV, and a 19” computer monitor.

A burglary at an Avon Street home resulted in a considerable loss. The victim reported that his father had recently passed away and that someone had broken into the house and stole $3,300 that had been stored there.

Officers spoke with an eight-four-year-old West Taylor Street resident who reported she had recently been hospitalized. She said that while she was in the hospital, someone had broken into her home and stole her medications. Officers were able to get a description of the burglar from a neighbor.

All of the cases remain under investigation at the current time. Anyone who has information that might assist in the investigations should contact the police department at 931-762-2276.




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