Friday, May 11, 2018

Check mailed as payment is stolen and cashed

Lawrenceburg Now

An investigation was recently opened through the Lawrenceburg Police Department when a local woman discovered that a check she had put in the mail had been stolen and cashed.

The incident was reported Monday by a seventy-two year old resident of Rohling Circle in Lawrenceburg. She reported that she had written out a check to make a payment on her Walmart credit card, then placed the payment in her mailbox to be picked up by her mail carrier.

The victim was looking over her bank statement when she noticed that someone had cashed a check at the Lawrenceburg Walmart store on her account in the amount of $1,597.96. She said that was considerably more than the amount for which she had originally written the check.

The woman said she believed that someone had stolen the payment from her mailbox, then altered it where they could cash it at the local store.

At the present time the case remains under investigation through the police department’s Criminal Investigation Division.




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