Thursday, May 10, 2018

Good deed costs victim hundreds of dollars

Lawrenceburg Now

A Lawrenceburg woman was out several hundred dollars after picking up an acquaintance to give him a ride home.

The victim filed a report with Lawrenceburg Police officers, reporting that she had picked up the acquaintance at the library because he needed a ride home. She said she drove him to a Crowson Road home, and that he went inside with the understanding that he would return.

She became suspicious when after several minutes he failed to return. That’s when she realized that she had left her purse in the backseat, next to where the man had sat. She checked inside and told officers that $800 in cash was missing. She had stopped at her ATM to get the money around an hour before she went to pick up the man.

Neither the victim nor police officers were able to get the man to respond when they knocked on the door. Officers searched the immediate area before leaving and advised the victim to contact them again if she heard from the man.




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