Monday, April 30, 2018

Authorities investigate counterfeit bills passed in Ethridge area

Lawrenceburg Now

Deputies with the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department were summoned to a business in Ethridge on Sunday where some business owners reported that they had been given counterfeit $100 bills.

One of the business owners said that he had been asked for change by another merchant that day, and that he had given him $20 bills for a $100 bill. He soon found that the bills were counterfeit.

A second business owner said that the man and woman wanted to use a $100 bill to buy a butterfly knife from her. She said that the bill did not have a water mark, so she checked it with a marker and found that it was counterfeit.

There was video footage of both the man and woman along with the car they were driving and deputies were able to get photos of them. They followed up on a tip that led them to a Lawrenceburg home.

They reported that they believed the car parked at the residence was the car driven by the suspects. They were continuing to investigate when the reports were filed. Anyone who has information about the incident can contact the sheriff’s department at 931-762-3626.




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