Thursday, April 19, 2018

UPS workers uncover attempt to mail illegal drugs

Lawrenceburg Now

Lawrenceburg Police officers were summoned to United Postal Service (UPS) on Robbins Street Monday where workers reported finding illegal drugs that had been shipped inside one of the packages.

Officials with UPS reported to officers that the package had been mailed at the Lawrenceburg branch on March 26, shipping to an address in Ripley, TN. Once delivery drivers had been unable to deliver the package on three separate tries, it was returned to the office of origin.

After several days UPS employees opened the package, hoping to find contact information for either the intended recipient or the person who shipped the package. They opened the box and saw pills inside. At that point, they said they called for police.

 Pills identified as Suboxone were inside the box as well as some tobacco. Also, reports show that it contained some generic, unmarked gel caps that were filled with an unknown substance. The substance was forwarded to the TBI Crime Lab in Nashville to be analyzed.




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