Thursday, April 12, 2018

Teen is victim of road rage incident

Lawrenceburg Now

A Lawrenceburg teenager filed a complaint with law enforcement officers last week, indicating that he had been the victim of a road rage incident.

The eighteen year old victim spoke with Lawrenceburg Police officers, indicating that while he was traveling along West Gaines Street, another driver began to act aggressive toward him.

He said that the man “revved his engine as if he was provoking a race.” He told officers that he had no desire to race the man. When he failed to respond, he said the man drove ahead of him, cut him off, slammed on his brakes and nearly caused their vehicles to collide.

The victim told officers that the other driver pulled onto Skyline drive, motioning for him to stop. He said that he was uncertain whether he might have bumped his vehicle, so he followed.

The man exited his Lexus RX300 and began to yell at the teen. He told officers that the man punched him in the face, then punched his 2018 Toyota Corolla, causing damage to the front fender.

The victim reported that, although he had never met the man before, he had “seen him around town frequently.”

Reports show that the victim’s car sustained around $1,000 worth of damage. The matter currently remains under investigation.





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