Week 50
The “Goldilocks Principle” (Just Right)

Once upon a time when GOLDILOCKS was mentioned most everyone recognized the name and the story of The Three Bears from their childhood, even telling and re-telling the story to their children or grandchildren. Increasingly though, as with many things from our past that move into future generations, Goldilocks is not as easily recognized and it seems the same can be said for the message of “JUST RIGHT.”

The story holds a message for each of us when it comes to “peace of mind” in not having too much of anything or not enough, but cultivating a mindset of BECOMING CONTENT no matter where our THINGS measure up on the scale. And the GOLDILOCKS PRINCIPLE is key when it comes to Growing Rich.

“To become rich in money is one thing, but to become rich
in all of the great riches of life, which makes for happiness, is something else. Remember, you are not rich in the higher sense of the word unless you have acquired
                      the way to permanent peace of mind.”         
—Napoleon Hill, A Year of Growing Rich

Hill relates the story of Henry Ford and how he felt that each time a car rolled off the line that a small piece of himself went along with it. And that he focused more on the value and benefit being provided to others rather than on just the profits it would make for him and his company.

Ever been around someone that can’t quite find that “just right” place in their life or with their “THINGS” in it?
It’s too hot, too cold, too much, not enough…

Finding a place where we can have a contented mind and spirit doesn’t mean a lack of ambition. Hill warns again of too much ambition as well as too little, each being a danger to our RICH LIFE.
But a confidence and contentment with the people and circumstances around us daily can become a solid foundation for an ambition to learn more, earn more, give more, do more, be more thankful, etc.


“MONEY ALONE cannot bring peace of mind.
But it can, and often does, bring anxiety, misery and fear, which make peace of mind impossible to maintain.
Money can become either a blessing or a curse, not by
    the amount you possess, but by the way you use it.”                                —Napoleon Hill
How can you arrive at that greater “peace of mind” through the Goldilocks Principle?

What areas of your life would this apply to in some of the challenges you face or some of the good things coming into your life NOW?

From the ages-old stories of childhood comes a powerful “peace of mind” lesson on

The “Goldilocks Principle” (Just Right)