Week 26
“Self-Speak: Selling to Yourself”

It’s been called everything from SELF CONFIDENCE to POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS but no matter what you call it there’s no denying that it has proven over time to be one of the key ingredients in individuals who’ve achieved BIG SUCCESS.

We’ll call it SELF SPEAK.
Napoleon Hill calls it selling to yourself.

I love how Mr. Rohn once spoke about PRESENTING your point or making your case, even to YOURSELF. He challenged me to get better at it with these words…
"If the truth isn't enough, then you must become
stronger at presenting it."                                                                         
How do we tell ourselves THE TRUTH?
What we should do or we should know or we should be doing…

When you’re talking to yourself, what do you say?
How do you say it?

One of the most memorable stories that came to my mind as I was reading this chapter was an encounter I had once with a fellow speaker. We were both members of a national association of speakers and had attended events and talked shop about conferences or conventions we were speaking at during the year, etc. After talking about it for a long time the day came when we were able to play a round of golf together.

My friend, we’ll call him Tom, calls himself a “motivational speaker” and my impression was always that he was very successful at what he did. He always presented himself very well and in a professional manner, spoke eloquently and exuded intelligence and reason. His big smile was an easy one and he had a laughing personality. You can imagine my shock and surprise on the course that day when Tom began to talk to himself…about his golfing prowess.
“You idiot!” Tom would literally scream at himself.  “You are such a LOSER…” and then he’d throw in a few expletives while he slammed his clubs on the ground or into the bag. What kind of SELF MOTIVATION was he delivering? And is this a guy you’d want motivating YOU? I would never have guessed this kind of SELF SPEAK coming from this man. But as any of us know who have ever played golf, it has this way of stripping away everything and getting down to the real you over the course of a round of (bad) shots.

“What you say and how you say it are extremely important. Others judge us by the way we speak, our vocabulary, and how we deliver our ideas and thoughts. But how we appear, not what we say, often has an equal or greater impression on others—and on ourselves. How others perceive us and how we see ourselves are both very important if we are to achieve the level of success we desire.”
            —Napoleon Hill, A Year of Growing Rich

I’ve heard many authors and speakers talk about talking. Especially when it comes to talking to yourself, and how and what you should say. We all need encouragement, positive reinforcement, and messages that say to our inner selves “C’mon, You Can Do It!” or “KEEP GOING” or whatever takes your mind from the doubt and fear and negativity that surrounds us today to a state of courage and confidence while we pursue our purpose and our goals.

“Your ego needs stimulation occasionally…If you feel good about yourself, it is apparent to everyone you meet. And remember, the very next person you meet may be the one who can give you a tremendous boost up the ladder to success.”
—Napoleon Hill

Make some notes to speak with yourself soon.
Prepare what you have to say and how you will say it.
How you’ll encourage YOU when things get in a knot (as they surely will).
The process might take a little work, but the benefits are undeniable when we study those who have achieved success through
“Self-Speak: Selling to Yourself”