Week 3
“Motivate Yourself to Achieve (Big) Success…And Then COMMIT to it.”

In this chapter of his book Hill asks you the reader a key question…

“How can you motivate yourself to succeed?”


“The greatest reward success brings is self-satisfaction. Although we often assume that the accumulation of wealth is the ONLY measure of success, it is but ONE measure.

It is an important one to be sure,
but true success is marked by the satisfaction of
knowing you have done a job and done it well—
that you have achieved the goal you set for yourself.”
—Napoleon Hill, A Year of Growing Rich


My book The 10 Commitments came about largely because of one statement that people would make to me over and over about my speaking business many years ago… “So, you’re a MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER.”

And then I’d have to explain that by definition I could not motivate them to do anything they didn’t want to do. There is no such thing as a MOTIVATIONAL speaker. That’s miscommunication and a lack of understanding. It is also prevailing conventional “wisdom” that is the first thing most people still ask about or talk about when someone mentions SPEAKER.

The ONLY kind of motivation is SELF motivation (look up the word in the dictionary and you’ll see what I mean). And even then, MOTIVATION isn’t enough. Because while you and I must depend on you and I to motivate ourselves, there will still be days when WE DON’T FEEL VERY MOTIVATED to do what we do.


It’s why I say COMMITMENT is stronger than motivation, because commitment means we’re going on even when we don’t FEEL like it.

Hill uses Albert Einstein as an example of someone who never attained great wealth but is held up as a perennial example of achievement, intellect, and success. He goes on to explain that Einstein reached the top of his profession and in doing so impacted the world as we know it because he knew what he wanted to do, decided on doing it, had a plan for achieving it, and COMMITTED to following through with his plan of IMPLEMENTATION.

This is yet another example of maybe Hill’s greatest principle of success from Think and Grow Rich, a BURNING DESIRE to reach, to perform, to achieve, to succeed GREATLY and become KNOWN for succeeding greatly.
He then reminds us that there is a BIG DIFFERENCE between simply WISHING and DECIDING DEFINITELY that you are going to have it.

I have written that throughout my career “I have encountered a multitude of individuals who WISHED that things were better or that they were something else, but almost none of them wanted to GROW INTO IT.” It’s what I call the power of BECOMING.

Becoming is the process of BEING whatever it is
you wish to BE.
And it is certainly more than simply wishing or dreaming.
It is a commitment, a promise that you make to yourself that you will each day attack whatever your THING is with a zeal that let’s all those around you know that you are a singularly special individual.

Top performers, high achievers, and almost anyone you may read about as a BIG SUCCESS became that way by becoming self-motivated and by committing to go someplace they had never been before.

How about you?

“Motivate Yourself to Achieve (Big) Success…And Then COMMIT to it.”




Week 2“

Learn How to Live Your Own Life.

”Sounds simple huh?But it must be profound or it wouldn’t be one of Hill’s keys to a Rich Life.

So it then becomes up to us to discover what he really means here.

“You will never find peace of mind Allowing other people to live your life for you.”—Napoleon HillIf you’ve not yet added the book A Year of Growing Rich by Napoleon Hill to your personal library then you’ll miss some of the most powerful lessons inside this one.

If I could add something to this one it would actually be something that I once “learned” from a teacher and coach who later I came to know pretty well. Legendary speaker and author Charlie “Tremendous” Jones.

Throughout the process of me writing The 10 Commitments, Charles was a bigencouragement to me through our phone conversations and correspondence.

I was even able to interview him one night as he shared this poignant bit of wisdom… “Michael, it doesn’t matter what you’ve LEARNED.

I don’t want to hear what anyone has learned, because that means it’s over! What matters is what are you LEARNING NOW?”In essence he meant that learning is a process that at least SHOULD be ongoing.

So now I pose that question to lots of individuals as I do here with you now, WHAT (and how) ARE YOU LEARNING to do better than ever?

Hill gives this same type of fundamental insight in this chapter of his book (2 pages) when he reminds us of the power of the human mind and what can happen for anyone when they simply FOCUS that great power.
He calls it a “profound prerogative” that can lift us to great heights of achievement in any endeavor of our choosing.

 Want work to be better? Want life to be better?

 Want profits to go up? Want stress to go down?

 Want to become a GENIUS?Hill writes,

“A genius is simply one who has taken full possession of his/her own mind and directed it toward objectives of his own choosing, without permitting OUTSIDE INFLUENCES to discourageor mislead him.

”What outside influences would you say might be keeping many individuals from big success today?

Discouragement is rampant in our society today, so it becomesmore and more up to the individual to DIRECT OUR MINDS toward positive results in positive environments that result in greater objectives than even most might believe possible.

Could it really be that simple?It’s a FUNDAMENTAL of champions that is far from a secret, but certainly not something practiced by the masses or taught from the classroom.

You can’t CHANGE PEOPLE.But if you can change the way people THINK, change their MIND, then they will go to work and CHANGE THEMSELVES.

Changing and learning are keys to top performance and high achievement.The evidence is simply too powerful to ignore.“Learn How to Live Your Own Life.”




Week 1
“No One DRIFTS to Success!”
In essence, you can’t just show up and win big NOW, if you ever could.

And throughout this study when we talk about success rest assured we are talking BIG SUCCESS. Think of how a billionaire might define success and then how a millionaire and then how your neighbor and then how…

Can you see there are many definitions of even BIG success.
What’s yours? What is BIG SUCCESS for you?
Have you ever really given ACTIVE THOUGHT to defining what it might look like for you? That’s Mr. Hill’s encouragement in its simplest form, THINK and grow rich.
Most everyone thinks what they want are ANSWERS, but consider this-
What IF…Big success was really about asking better questions?

Here’s the key question from lesson ONE:
“What is your ONE DEFINITE PURPOSE (or goal) in LIFE and what plans have you made to attain it?”

I’ve written about this over the years encouraging individuals to approach their goals for life in these 4 areas.

  1. Purpose. What’s YOURS? Purpose is the LIFE part of who we are and what we do. In my book The 10 Commitments I write that “Life is BIGGER THAN WORK.” What does that mean exactly? It means that when something tragic happens in your life or the life of someone you love you suddenly realize that you can live without work, but not without LIFE. Don’t treat life like it’s something that gets in the way of your goals, life is what allows us to still be here to pursue our goals and we should do ON PURPOSE whatever we can to make it the best it can be. Carpe’ Diem.
  1. Performance. This is the work part, how’s your PERFORMANCE? Daily? Can you be counted on to come through when “the team” needs you the most? We don’t get paid for work or time nearly as much as for TOP PERFORMANCE. Think Broadway, Hollywood, Professional athletes, and even in the marketplace, top performers are highly paid for the VALUE they bring. Think of your WORK as a PROJECT. All projects should have a beginning and an ENDING. Most people are just lost somewhere in the middle, getting little value out of LIFE and giving less value than they’re capable of from their PERFORMANCE.
  1. Plan. Do you have one? This is the GOALS part, and I don’t mean the kind of goals I learned about as a young salesman. Just a NUMBER that someone chooses for you and says “this is your goal. Do this.” That’s not a goal, goals are much more than just a number, though numbers are certainly a key ingredient in goal-setting. Begin with the end in mind as Dr. Covey once wrote and see yourself reaching it. It can be something as simple as cleaning out the garage or playing Pebble Beach one day or writing your first book or…you fill in the blank. Goals and plans go together and bring out the best in each.
  1. Passion. This is how you do the other three. Napoleon Hill called it a “burning desire” in his writings and said that it is the single greatest quality in the highest achievers he had studied. That alone should be enough for us to do whatever we have to do to bring out our PASSION in our life, our work, and our results. It’s a big clue to BIG SUCCESS.

When you really think about it, there is no doubt that BIG SUCCESS is no accident.

No one drifts to BIG SUCCESS.


52 Weeks: YOUR Year of GROWING RICH!

Life is:

You can probably even add a few more to the list.

One of the greatest collection of lessons in all areas of life and becoming your best (aside from The Bible) is Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. It’s a book I highly recommend, on a regular basis.

In fact you should have more than one copy, because when you really get the lessons from this book I can almost guarantee you that the day will come when you’ll be impressed to give it away. It is one thing to recommend a book, another thing altogether to give a copy away at that moment to an individual.

It’s powerful for both giver and aspiring students of success.

Hill wrote a number of books and all were based primarily around his central theme of the 17 principles of personal development (achievement). They are all excellent and make a nice collection for any serious student of better life and bigger results in it.
If you are a person of action and a serious student, when a mentor or coach you respect refers a book or makes a suggestion to you- you act on it. Or you should.

With that in mind I offer this, over the next 52 weeks I will be sending you a lesson from Napoleon Hill’s book A Year of Growing Rich. A lesson a week…would you suppose you would be any different a year from now with a weekly lesson from a millionaire mind? Consider your answer carefully for there will be disciplines involved that will most certainly provoke you, challenge you, arouse, incite, stir, but only if you are a good student with your weekly (even daily) disciplines of reading, reflecting, and absorbing these lessons.

You can pick up a copy of the book for yourself if you’d like, though I’ll share each of the 52 lesson “themes” with you here. Mostly my take on Mr. Hill’s writings, with segments and quotes from the book included…a sort of cliff notes with my notes attached.

And as will be the case with many of the lessons the brilliance lies in the simplicity of the principles we will consider here. They are FUNDAMENTALS. Basics and fundamentals are things that CHAMPIONS do very well.

So here we go.