Week 10
“Enthusiasm Fuels Big Success.”

One of the most famous quotes on ENTHUSIASM is from Ralph Waldo Emerson.
You’ve probably heard it many times, but like fundamentals and basics and classic wisdom it is no less true today than when he first told us,
“Nothing GREAT was ever achieved without ENTHUSIASM.”

As a young salesperson I heard many lessons on ENTHUSIASM and attitude and saw many examples…and NOT ALL WERE GOOD ONES.

The old adage still prevails today “To BE ENTHUSIASTIC you must ACT ENTHUSIASTIC.”

What does that mean?
Why can’t it be truly a part of who we are?
Does that mean that ACTING ENTHUSIASTIC is faking it?

You’ve probably heard that one to, “FAKE IT till you MAKE it.”
That is one that I’ve come to despise over time. My message to my sales teams  and audiences over the years is to resist that type of thinking and to simply
THERE, Where?
Successful and accomplished.
A master of achievement, a Captain of Enterprise.
Because that will eventually become the real you, and there’s nothing fake about it.

Napoleon Hill cautions us about this FAKE ENTHUSIASM in his writings, “Nothing is quite so phony as FAKE ENTHUSIASM—the excessively energetic, overwhelming display that anyone can recognize and everyone distrusts.”

How true.
I can recall a couple of individuals as I read those words that immediately put me on guard when I was confronted with their obvious FAKE attitude of enthusiastic OVERKILL!
Instead of being attracted, as we are to someone with true passion, we’re actually REPELLED and put up our guard when we come in contact with this kind of person.

Enthusiasm can be a learned characteristic and is most certainly affected by the people we’re around or the kind of conversations we carry on or are exposed to on a daily basis. What are YOU enthusiastic about?
Your work?
The product or service you provide?
A team?
Your family?
Your car?
A collection of artwork or memorabilia or hobby?
Where you live or where you vacation?

ENTHUSIASM abounds. Attitude matters and passion is really a transparent quality that anyone can see through if it’s FAKE, and most everyone is attracted to when it’s real.

One of the best definitions of SELLING I’ve ever heard is “the TRANSFER of ENTHUSIAM.” Once we’ve truly convinced ourselves of the value of an idea or product or service or YOURSELF it becomes so much easier to attract others to that enthusiasm and then make the transfer in some form of transaction.

“…Armed with this conviction, CULTIVATE THE HABIT of thinking positively, forcefully and energetically and you will find ENTHUSIASM developing in and of itself—with the authoritative ring of TRUE SINCERITY helping you to project it to others.”           
—Napoleon Hill, A Year of Growing Rich


“Enthusiasm Fuels Big Success.”






52 Weeks: YOUR Year of GROWING RICH!

Life is:

You can probably even add a few more to the list.

One of the greatest collection of lessons in all areas of life and becoming your best (aside from The Bible) is Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. It’s a book I highly recommend, on a regular basis.

In fact you should have more than one copy, because when you really get the lessons from this book I can almost guarantee you that the day will come when you’ll be impressed to give it away. It is one thing to recommend a book, another thing altogether to give a copy away at that moment to an individual.

It’s powerful for both giver and aspiring students of success.

Hill wrote a number of books and all were based primarily around his central theme of the 17 principles of personal development (achievement). They are all excellent and make a nice collection for any serious student of better life and bigger results in it.
If you are a person of action and a serious student, when a mentor or coach you respect refers a book or makes a suggestion to you- you act on it. Or you should.

With that in mind I offer this, over the next 52 weeks I will be sending you a lesson from Napoleon Hill’s book A Year of Growing Rich. A lesson a week…would you suppose you would be any different a year from now with a weekly lesson from a millionaire mind? Consider your answer carefully for there will be disciplines involved that will most certainly provoke you, challenge you, arouse, incite, stir, but only if you are a good student with your weekly (even daily) disciplines of reading, reflecting, and absorbing these lessons.

You can pick up a copy of the book for yourself if you’d like, though I’ll share each of the 52 lesson “themes” with you here. Mostly my take on Mr. Hill’s writings, with segments and quotes from the book included…a sort of cliff notes with my notes attached.

And as will be the case with many of the lessons the brilliance lies in the simplicity of the principles we will consider here. They are FUNDAMENTALS. Basics and fundamentals are things that CHAMPIONS do very well.

So here we go.