Thursday, August 9, 2018

Antique record player, vinyl records reported stolen on Monday

Lawrenceburg Now
Lawrenceburg Police officers spoke with a man Monday who reported that a relative had taken some of his belongings to Florida.
The sixty-year-old victim reported that he had been living in his parents’ house for the past thirty years, and that his belongings were mingled with items that had belonged to his parents. Some of his belongings, he said, were priceless antiques, including an antique record player and vinyl records.
The victim indicated that the parents’ house “was set up in such a way as to act as a trust fund” for his siblings and himself. He said that recently his sister, who lives in Florida, had loaded up a U-haul trailer with items from the residence and took them home with her. He said that she had taken his record player and vinyl records, as well.
The victim reported that another sibling had stopped by and confirmed that the record player and records were in his sister’s garage. He estimated his loss to be $2,500.



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