Friday, August 3, 2018

Several cell phones reported stolen

Lawrenceburg Now
Law enforcement officials were asked to look into a number of theft incidents last week that involved the theft of cell phones.
Lawrenceburg Police officers first spoke with a woman who had misplaced her cell phone the previous night while shopping at Kroger. She returned to the store but was unable to locate it. The following day she was able to track the phone to a location on Sixth Street in Lawrenceburg. She told officers she went to the location, but that it appeared to be abandoned. The phone had an estimated value of $200.
Officers spoke with a Linden resident Tuesday. She said that she had a phone on her cell phone plan that had been stolen at the Lawrenceburg McDonald’s restaurant. She told officers that the person who had the phone had left it unattended on the counter for a few moments. It was apparently stole during that time. The phone was worth an estimated $1,000.
A Bargain Hunt employee reported she had left her wallet, which contained her cell phone, on the bottom shelf of her work cart and went to help a co-worker. She returned and it was gone. She was able to cancel bank cards she carried in the wallet. Later that day, however, her card company informed her someone had tried to use one of her cards at Lawler’s B-B-Q in Killen, Alabama. Local officers were able to obtain some information to assist in that investigation and were working with Florence officers, attempting to identify the suspect.
A Hannon Drive resident spoke with officers on Wednesday. He reported that he had given a woman a ride after he was discharged from St. Thomas Hospital. After he dropped her off he realized that his cell phone was missing. He reported that he had confronted the woman and that she had confessed that she had stolen it. Loss was around $200.



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