Friday, August 3, 2018

Burglaries reported through Lawrenceburg Police Department

Lawrenceburg Now
Lawrenceburg Police Department reports reflect that officers have been asked to investigate a number of recent burglary incidents.
On Thursday, officers were called to Harbor Hours, located at 221 South Military Avenue, where someone had reportedly broken in, then stolen several items. Missing were five tins of candy, one tin that contained around $40 cash, two cases of soda, a pack of light bulbs. Total loss was estimated at $46.00.
Officers investigated a residential burglary at a home on Blooming Grove Road Monday. There, the resident reported that he had been away from home for just a few hours, returning to find someone had broken in and stole his 50” Phillips TV, a knife collection, and his pain medicine. He estimated his loss to be $750.
Officers also responded to a Highway 43 North resident Monday. The resident said that she had been out of town for more than a week. When she arrived home Monday night, she found the back door standing open and her belongings rummaged through.

Items missing included a Samsung TV, Sony DVD player, Playstation 2 system and games, and a Playstation 3 system and games.  The back door had been forced open, resulting in around $40 worth of damage. Damages and loss were said to total $2,790.



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