Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Daughters find man breaking into their mother’s home

Lawrenceburg Now
Local law enforcement officers were called to a home on Goodhope Road last week when a resident’s daughters found a man inside of their mother’s garage.
Units with the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department answered the call to residence where the victim was able to show them a security video that had captured the crime. The video showed the man illegally entering through the garage door, then walk out holding a Gatorade bottle. The victim was able to identify the man.
When deputies went to the man’s 95 County Lane home and confronted him, they discovered that he was very intoxicated. They noted in their report that he was still dressed in the same clothing as he had been in the video.
Michael Paul Childers was subsequently arrested on a charge of aggravated burglary and incarcerated at the Lawrence County Jail. Investigation into the crime is on-going at the present time.



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