Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Chapmansboro man arrested locally on drug charges

Lawrenceburg Now
A resident of Chapmansboro, Tennessee was arrested in the early hours Monday in the wake of a traffic stop for loud music.
A deputy with the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department conducted the stop on Prosser Road just after 12:30 a.m. The deputy ran a check on both the driver and his passenger, but found that neither had active warrants. The driver was identified as Justin Daniel Townsend, age 26.
The officer found that Townsend had a container in one of his pockets that held around two grams of what appeared to be methamphetamine and one gram of marijuana. A meth pipe was found lying in plain view in the floorboard. Also, a digital scale and marijuana grinder were found concealed inside a backpack.
Townsend was transported to the Lawrence County Jail for booking. He was incarcerated on charges of possession of meth for the purpose of resale, possession of drug paraphernalia, and simple possession of marijuana.
Townsend’s passenger was allowed to take possession of the vehicle.



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