Friday, July 20, 2018

Scam costs local resident $600

Lawrenceburg Now
Law enforcement officials are investigating a scam incident that resulted in a $600 for one Lawrence County resident recently.
The incident was investigated through the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department. The fifty-seven year old victim reported to deputies that he had been contacted by a person who claimed he needed to pay a $600 fine for missing jury duty.

The caller claimed to represent the sheriff’s department and told the victim that if he did not pay the fine, he would be arrested.

The caller instructed the victim to buy three separate pre-paid debit cards at the West Gaines location of Dollar General Store. The victim did as instructed, then called the person back and gave him the information from the cards.

He told deputies that the caller hung up at that point and that, since that time, he has been unable to make contact. He said he had recalled the number several times, but the line has been disconnected.



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