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Monday, July 15, 2013

Burglar Makes Self At Home While Resident Hospitalized

   A burglar made himself quite at home at a Summertown property last week while the resident was hospitalized.

   The eighty-six year old victim reported the crime through the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department on Saturday. She said that she made the discovery when she went to a building in front of her house to retrieve some bread from a freezer.

   The victim found that someone had kicked in the door to an area that was set up to be habitable, and made himself at home. Inside, she found that numerous items had been moved or were missing.

   The victim said that the culprit had consumed several cans of food and drinks, slept in the bed, and used a toilet that was not outfitted with water service.

   At the present time the matter remains under investigation through the department’s Criminal Investigation Division.

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