Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Officers are repeatedly called to a Lawrenceburg home

Lawrenceburg Now

Reports filed through the Lawrenceburg Police Department show that officers were dispatched three separate times to the same home this week to investigate vandalism.

Police officers were called to the home on Roberts Avenue the first time Monday night at 11:00 where the resident reported she had heard what sounded like gunshots in her back yard as well as glass breaking.

Officers looked and determined that it had not been gunshots. They found an outer pane of glass on the kitchen window had been broken, with a landscape stone lying underneath the window on the ground. It was estimated that repairs would cost $100.

When officers were driving past at around 1:40 Tuesday morning they were stopped by the same resident. She reported that, since they left, someone had busted the rear window out of her 2008 Chrysler 300.

Damage to the car was estimated to be $300.
The resident again asked that officers be dispatched to the home at around 1:00 Wednesday morning.

A visitor to her home reported that they had heard noises, looked outside and found that her mom’s car, which she had been driving, had been vandalized.

She reported seeing three people outside at that time. The front and rear windows, two sides windows, headlights, and mirrors were broken on the 2013 Hyundai SGL. Damages were estimated at $1,000.

Reports indicate that the vandalism incidents resulted from an on-going altercation centered around “a male that they have all been seeing.” The matter remains under investigation,



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