Tuesday, June 5, 2018

PSEC Productions partners with Radio7Media

Jonathan Plant/ Founder & CEO
PSEC Productions

PSEC Productions in conjunction with Radio7Media have partnered to provide Lawrence and surrounding counties with continued radio and digital coverage of X Sports Nation via the X Sports Radio Network.  PSEC will also produce the morning show on WTNX “JP in the AM” weekday mornings from 6-9 as well as local and regional sports and entertainment content on the frequencies of WTNX; FM 106.1 and 93.1 as well as AM 590.

PSEC Founder and CEO J. P. Plant along with longtime local radio personality Stanley G. Wilson will work hand in hand with Radio7Media General Manager Ben Luna to serve Southern Middle Tennessee.

WTNX will continue to be the home of the X Sports Radio Network featuring live coverage of Lawrence County High School athletics, University of Tennessee Football and Men’s Basketball as well as Tennessee Titans Football of the NFL. Local and regional sports talk will continue to be featured on the weekly show X Sports Live starting back up in August.

And coming in August will be a new hour-long program dedicated to the three high schools in Lawrence County titled “This Week in X Sports Nation”. Live coverage of Loretto and Summertown High School athletics will be featured on WDXE also part of the X Sports Radio Network.

Fans of local sports in Lawrence County can continue to follow our social media outlets on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram @xsportsradio as well as local entertainment content @WTNXRadio. WTNX will continue to be your “Local” home for local news, weather and sports.

Thank you to Radio7Media and the Roger Wright family for their partnership over the past four-plus years and for the foreseeable future. And thank you to our listeners and supporters. We’ll see you on the radio and a digital platform near you.





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