Tuesday, May 22, 2018

PSEC Productions takes X Sports Radio to all digital format

JP Plant

As Founder and CEO of PSEC Productions I am excited to announce that we will be taking X Sports Radio, a subsidiary of PSEC Productions, to an all digital format beginning this week at the State Tournament and continuing through the upcoming high school sports season. We will expand our coverage of our local high schools with more school-centric programming, live video streaming of sports and other school-related events and much more.

I look forward to the continued partnership with all three high schools and the many youth organizations all around Lawrence County. The same professional, entertaining productions that has been at the cornerstone of PSEC Productions and X Sports Radio will continue. We are also excited to announce soon more convenient ways to consume information and programming regarding local sports and events.

Fans of local sports in Lawrence County can continue to follow our social media outlets on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram @xsportsradio.

Thank you to Radio7Media and the Roger Wright family for their partnership over the past four-plus years. And thank you to our listeners and supporters. We’ll see you on a digital platform near you.





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