Thursday, May 17, 2018

Crimes under investigation through police department

Lawrenceburg Now

Officers with the Lawrenceburg Police Department have been called on several times recently to investigate more minor crimes reported inside the city.

On Monday, officers made their way to a Roberts Lane residence where they spoke with the resident, age 68, regarding vandalism. Reports show that someone had damaged a number of shrubs near the driveway and that pellets had been shot at the house, causing a number of holes in the vinyl siding.

Officers responded to Lawrenceburg Housing Authority residences located at 1800 North Mahr Avenue last Sunday regarding graffiti. Someone had painted insults about police officers on the concrete, using black spray paint.

A twenty-six year old Beckham Avenue resident filed a complaint with officers after her cell phone, valued at $200, went missing. There were several other people in the house when she went to take a shower, and she speculated that it was taken by one of them.

Also, officers were asked to investigate the vandalism of a 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix. The owner reported that she had left her car at a location on Ernest Avenue the previous day. Her dad picked up her car for her, and while driving home it quit running. He told officers that he had found a sticky substance around the gas lid and felt that someone had poured sugar in the gas tank. Also, the victim said that her license plate had been stolen. They estimated loss and damages to total $550.

Anyone who has information that might assist in the investigation of these crimes is urged to contact the Lawrenceburg Police Department at 931-762-2276.




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