Thursday, May 3, 2018

Woman assaulted with board is left disoriented in her back yard

Lawrenceburg Now

A neighbor who found a Lawrenceburg woman in her back yard early Wednesday, told police officers that she had apparently been struck in the head with a bloody board that was found lying next to her.

According to reports filed through the Lawrenceburg Police Department, officers were summoned to a home on Jackson Street at 1:15 a.m. The neighbor said he heard coughing and when he looked out he could see two people. He went out and found his neighbor, age 49, alone and sitting on the ground, acting strangely.

Reports show that the victim had a wound in her hairline and there was dried blood on her lips. Officers spoke with her, but they said she appeared to be confused and could not remember how she was injured or how she got in the back yard. Officers seized the 2x2 into evidence, noting that there was blood on one end of it.

Emergency responders checked the victim and she was subsequently transported to the hospital. Currently, the case is still under investigation.




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