Monday, April 28, 2008

Search Yields Drug Arrests

   A search of a South Lawrence home last week resulted in drug charges being placed against two residents.

   A press release issued through the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department Friday indicates that the operation was conducted jointly through the sheriff’s department, Lawrenceburg Police Department, and St. Joseph Police Department.

   Agents with the three agencies made their way to 16 McIntyre Road in St. Joseph on April 22 in order to execute a search warrant. During the search, they report seizing a small amount of marijuana, three types of pills, including Lortab and Xanax, and $1,756.00 in currency, believed to be the proceeds of illegal drug sales.

   As a result of the operation, resident Malcolm Lee Willis was charged with three counts of possession of a controlled substance for the purpose of resale. In addition, both Willis and resident Roseanne Willis Franklin were booked on one count apiece of simple possession of marijuana.

   Agents report that more than one hundred dosage units of prescription medication were seized at the home. They also indicate that Malcolm Willis had been on parole at the time, “for selling prescription drugs.”

   Both Willis and Franklin are slated to answer the charges through Lawrence County General Sessions Court on May 19, 2008.