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Monday, February 6, 2012

Domestic Assault Involving Firearm Is Under Investigation

   Lawrenceburg Police officers initiated an investigation Saturday after a Park Street resident reported being threatened with a firearm during a domestic altercation.

   The victim, age 42, told deputies her boyfriend had been “high on drugs,” and began accusing her of infidelity. She said that she left to purchase cigarettes, returning a short time later.

   When she pulled into the driveway, the victim reports her boyfriend came to the car and began choking her with his hands. She said that he punched her in the face several times, then shoved a Smith and Wesson handgun in her face and threatened to kill her.

   The victim told officers she was able to escape the assault and went inside to awaken her stepson. While she was inside, she said her boyfriend drove away in her vehicle.

   Officers conducted a search of the suspect’s room. They report finding several items of contraband, including two meth pipes, several unknown types of pills, and a small bag of marijuana. The items were seized into evidence along with some 107 rounds of various types of ammunition.

   At the time reports were filed no arrests had yet been made in the case. Officers report the victim’s car was later found abandoned at the Parks Street/Jackson Avenue intersection. It was returned without damage.

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