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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Woman Assaulted By Masked Assailants And Left In Ditch

   Law enforcement officials opened an investigation Saturday after a local woman reported that she had been assaulted by masked men then left in a ditch.

   Emergency personnel were dispatched to the area of the attack on Prokesh Road at around 4:30 p.m. The victim reported that she had been driving to another residence on the same roadway when she was approached by two assailants.

She said that two men with their faces covered, wearing black hoodies and  bags on their feet, came out of the woods at the end of her driveway. One of the men, she said, was armed with a pistol.

   The victim said that the men ordered her out of the car. When she refused to comply, she said one of the men dragged her from the car, unsuccessfully attempted to wrestle her cell phone from her hand, kicked her on the right hip, then pushed her into the ditch. She said the man ordered her to get out of her boyfriend’s life “and go back to Alabama.”

   Once the men left, the victim was able to send a text message to her boyfriend’s teenage son. He told deputies that he found the victim lying in the ditch at the end of their driveway and quickly called his father. Once his father arrived on the scene they placed the victim back into her car, out of the rain, then called 911 for assistance.

   The victim received medical attention from emergency medical personnel at the scene but was not transported to the hospital.

   The victim described the man who had assaulted her as heavy set. She said he was wearing dark pants and had a rope hanging from his belt. The man armed with a handgun she described as thin and also wearing dark pants. She told deputies that he did not speak throughout the incident. She said that the men smelled of cigarettes and beer.

   The victim said this was the third in a series of incidents involving the masked men. She said that on Thursday she saw the two men standing in the edge of the woods, outside of her house.

At that time she said they were also wearing black hoodies and bags on their feet. She told deputies that she went inside, got a shotgun, and fired into the air. At that point, she said the thin assailant ran away, but that the heavy set one yelled for her to go back to Alabama.

   The following day, the day just prior to the assault, she said she went outside to find the pair was again in her yard. She told deputies she again fired into the air, but that neither ran. She said that they once again told her to go back to Alabama.

   The case is under continued investigation by department detectives. Anyone who has pertinent information should contact the department at 931-762-3626.


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